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Are home inspections necessary?

Are Home Inspections Necessary?

Buyers may choose to have a home inspection done within the Due Diligence period. While inspections are an option, they will supply the buyer with important information about the condition of the home.

Home inspectors can only inspect what is visible to the eye such as the roof, siding, windows, appliances, etc. Anything not working properly, shows signs of decay, or not safe will be included in the inspection report. The Realtor® and the buyers will use this inspection report to determine what repairs the buyers are going to request the seller to fix. This is a request only, because in NC sellers are not required to make any repairs. However, most sellers will at least make some of the repairs on the buyers’ request list.

While the inspection report can not tell the buyers what is going on behind the walls, this report can give them very valuable information about the condition of the home. The goal is to get the inspection report done as soon as possible after contract formation to give time for the repair request negotiations. If there are any major ticket items that need replacing or repairing (i.e., roof, HVAC system, etc.), then this gives the buyers time to negotiate with the sellers regarding paying for these items.

Negotiating repairs can be a somewhat stressful time, but this is where an expert Realtor® can be very valuable to the buyers by working with the sellers agent to get both sellers and buyers to agree on repairs to be made so that the contract can continue to move forward. Usually the day before closing, the buyers and their agent will do a walk through of the property to verify that everything is still the same as originally seen. Also this walk through allows the buyers to verify that the repairs were made and the work was done appropriately.

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